Dave.LXR (foto)
Lid van groepLuxor Sound System
Genrescrossbreed, electro, frenchcore, hardcore, neurofunk, techno, tekno
Dave began to play as a DJ in 1999 and also created the LUXOR sound system with his friends that year. He used to play just hardtek, but also discovered more styles and began to play techno, hardfloor, hardcore, electro & breaks.

Music is his whole life, so he also wanted to do it as his "work". He opened his own vinyl shop, called LXRECORDS in 2002. He has really good access to all the records, so he can choose the best ones for his set…that's the big big advantage:) His sets are full of energy, with long precise mixes, that's why he became popular and not only in the Czech Republic, he also destroyed dancefloors around the Europe.
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