Wifebeaterz (foto)
NaamMike van Duuren & Alan
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
Mike Zed, Mike van Duuren
Genresdeephouse, house
BoekingenSite elevatorpassion.com
The groove, the flow, the vibe, the energy, all these words sound generic untill put to the test. The first law of thermodynamics states that the change in the internal energy of a closed system is equal to the amount of heat supplied to the system.

This also translates to the dj-sets of the wifebeaterz: their performance seems to generate so much heat that it goes everywhere, into the set, out onto the dancefloor, via the legs, the body, into the mind.

This makes the wifebeaterz the opposite of many screengazing dj's: they can not keep still, they couldn't escape the rhythm if they wanted to. It makes them do mischievious little dances, go off their rockers and climb the dj-booth or even join the crowd the dancefloor to share the fun.
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Party agenda Wifebeaterz
Laatste optreden was op woensdag 31 december 2014: New Year's Eve at Supperclub Amsterdam, Supperclub, Amsterdam
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