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Specialising in spinning marathon deep house, tech house or groovy techno sets at Berlin underground institutions such as Katerholzig or Ritter Butze and his home base Sisyphos - Juli N. More is both one of Berlin's most versatile and in-demand next wave DJs.

Moving to Berlin in 2007, he quickly joined the collective Tikkibar and started doing illegal open-air parties with them, from which a serendipitous set of coincidences brought him to Sisyphos where, after his first set on the club's infamous outdoor beach floor, he was immediately offered a residency.

Five years on, he's in charge of Sisyphos' entire music policy, booking 30 to 40 DJs for the bi-weekly 72-hour long parties, programming the music for all four floors at Berlin's fastest growing underground warehouse club.

"I like it deep, I like beats and I like to mix it up," Juli N. More says of his own style which has also seen him DJing at festivals including Fusion in Germany, Plötzlich am Meer in Poland and in Israel for a BAR 25 label showcase.

Currently in the studio working on his first electronic music tracks, he's already highly experienced as a composer and musician, scoring the soundtrack for award winning German film Grenzgebiet (which picked up the International Young Film Makers Award at the International Film Festival in Hannover, Germany in 2007) as well as the acclaimed documentary Fragments of Palestine which was shown in 2011 at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - one of the world's leading documentary film festivals dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of ground-breaking creative documentaries.

Studying classical piano for 10 years, Juli N. More won first prize for performances on piano and cello at Jugend Musiziert - an influential nationwide musicians competition for young adults in Germany with over 20,000 participants.

Today though, he is focused firmly on the dance-floor

"What I care most about is the drive, the drops and raising the energy when the kick comes back in," he smiles, "about creating a musical journey where you pick up and entrance your audience and make them feel happy. That's the plan when the magic happens." (Juli N. More)
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