Thomas Coastline (foto)
NaamTomáš Malina
Lid van groepD3light
Leeftijd33 - 34
Genrestech trance, trance, uplifting trance
Thomas Coastline, real name Tomas Malina, was born in autumn 1985.
This Kladno native joined his schooldays with Basic school 12. ZS Kladno.
After Basic school he started to study Technical school of Communication Engineering section Digital technologies – which marked his interest in dance music.
His first producer experiments Thomas dated back to his 16 years when he listened to producers like Starsplash, Megara vs Dj Lee or Tuneboy influenced by music style "eurodance".
Captured by these names he and his friends Jan Bousa alias Fuzzy and Bara Ladrova alias vocalist Sunny B based a dance project called "BASS DETECT".
Those days he noticed first bigger success with a remix of song "Samotna" made by czech dance
project Infinity...
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