FunctieDJ, live act, groep, rapper
Genresbreakbeat, dubstep, electro, house
Boekingen viaSite
partyflock Budi | Heroes (30 jan 2013)
Based in their hometown The Hague, the Netherlands, Rät N FrikK is a unique producer duo/live act, delivering a musical melting pot with dangerously raw edges. Determined to make the crowd go wild every time, Rät N FrikK will blow your mind, guaranteed.
With raw, hard, yet catchy melody charged Bass Music as their main sound, they flirt with various genres.
Characterized by their incredibly high-octane live performances, where they bash on buttons, freak on keys, smash pads, scream, rap, sing, dance and most of all, hype up the crowd to create absolute madness on the dancefloor.
Rät N FrikK, Wudstik - 'Door Hemel en Hel' · 28 juli 2017
Vandaag gaat de track 'Door Hemel en Hel' van Rät N FrikK en Wudstik in release. Het nummer wordt uitgebracht op ROQ 'N Rolla Music.
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