Ross & Iba
17 april 2016
NaamRossano Toney & Jeroen Buis
Functie16 × rappers, groep
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genreship hop, r&b, reggae, urban


Duo from The Hague who were the first in Holland to score a hit with a Dutch hiphop / reggae song.

The cover band Super & The Allstars was established in The Hague. Ross and Iba joined the group only after some time, Iba last. Both men write songs themselves and decided to write material for the band. The group recorded a single, called Boom Boom. This was a great success in Suriname, where the song stayed at number one for thirteen straight weeks. In the Netherlands, the group was not yet very well known except among Antilleans, Surinamese and other lovers of the reggae / dancehall genre. This changed when in 1991 the group won the Grand Prix of Holland in a packed Paradiso, Amsterdam. Other participants included Total Touch and The Wrong.


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