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NaamLuigi Madonna
Luigi Madonna is an high-flying dj-producer from Caserta. He is 25 years old and he is numbered among the hottest name of Campania Techno district. His brief story starts in second mid of 90's, when still young, he begins playing with his first decks in his home garage. His passion rise from an wild attraction for the entertaining electronic music and for any type of groove drawn from his soul. A natural beat appeal, which springs him to more important sounds than a simple house box room ones. So, what at first seems a pure hobby, takes soon a new outline. In fact, in the immediate 1999, the name of this just fourteen-year-old Neapolitan disk-jockey, appears by now on many flyers of the most fashionable clubs of the moment...
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Wat een dikke openingsset op awakenings fest 2014 (Y)