Twieq (foto)
Genresacid, acidtechno, techno
At the age of 12, Twieq could not foresee that the buying of his first taperecorder would infect the rest of his life. First listening to all kinds of music and compiling his own tapes with favorite tracks and then the mid-eighties where there. The taperecorder got replaced by a stereo and the first records were bought. It was the time of "New Wave" and like so many others Twieq's earliest electronic influences lie there. Bands like Fad Gadget, Executive Slacks, Cassandra Complex, Skinny Puppie, and so on created the sound he liked the most. The years went by and Twieq discovered Punk and Hardcore. It was the intensity of that music that charmed him the most, an intensity he often recognises at technoparties.
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