Electrobugz (foto)
NaamBenoit Josse
AliasBeunz Heretik
Lid van groep2WASP
Genresbreakbeat, electro, techno
Year 1990, Benoit Alias Beuns became a musician inside the band "La Roberto Family" (Funk/Soul/Groove). He was the band keyboard; it's where he learns the basis of composition and team work. After a few gigs the band is dissolve. As soon as possible he reconstitute another band call "Numba Wan" which is influenced by Reggae and Dub. The band will last until 1994. It's at that wime that Beuns discover the Madness of Raves in Paris.
He encounter Popof and the Heretiks in 1996, they start to work on drum machines and synthetizer.
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