Ben Dover DJs (foto)
NaamBen Roelants & Erik Cloetens
FunctieDJ, groep
Genrestechhouse, techno
So who are these guys anyway?
Two pale faces were looking at a computerscreen, Erik Cloetens and Ben Roelants. Beats were emerging from their humble speakers. That night, a new television show would emerge, deep down from the basement of JIMtv headquartes: Going Out

Both of them grew up loving the beat, dj-ing across the country since the age of 15. Was it fate catching up? Or are their mothers to blame? Since they decided on a sponsorship.

Anyway, Going Out was a tv show covering all sorts of electronic music. For 4 years the two brave angry young men traveled the world, meeting top dj's, partypeople, producers, organisers. They shared dinners, beds, nights and women. Four years of total devotion, few hours of sleep...
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