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NaamRicardo Rosario Lopes Landim
Genresafro house, deephouse
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Rico Rosa is a young DJ who is eager to explore more off the Dutch and International House-scene. Friends and well known Dj's in the Dutch and International House-scene like Sean Sebastian, Lucien Foort, Undercontrol, Lima & Jones, Leroy Styles gave him advice to help him start his career.
Rico Rosa is born and raised in the centre of the city Rotterdam in The Netherlands. From an early age he started to get acquainted with music like playing the piano in high school and sing in musicals. From that moment on he knew that music would be a huge part of his life. At the age of 15 Rico started listening to house music and from that moment on, he never stopped, not even in classes at school.

Because of other busy activities it took a while before he realised he wanted to become a DJ. When he was 18 he started to go out to clubs a lot and pay attention to the way the DJ's played their sets. After that he bought his own DJ-set and was anxious to try it out with a real audience. The real start was in a small village called Oud-Beijerland in Moods café, during a one time MC- job for a Latin House party he organised monthly with the name: Home Sweet House. It proved to be successful, his skills improved every week and he started to get in touch with a lot more other Dj's like Diephuis and Rotterdam locals residents.

For a couple of months he joined My-DJ Agency in Amsterdam and performed in a well known club in Amsterdam called Panama. This is considered a boost of his career. He had a professional photo shoot and performed on a radio station in Amsterdam called Getmixed Radio. His busy education stood in the way and he didn't continue the agency. He Is now 22 and since the summer of 2012 he played at Holland Casino Purple Lounge, was the resident in Eilt Cocktail Bar for 3 months and has played in a lot more clubs in Rotterdam. The last couple of months his experience and a small change in the music that he plays has helped him become a resident at a monthly party called 'The Bourgeoisie' in club BED in Rotterdam are really showing that he is improving. Combining his skills and his energy, Rico Rosa uses his Afro, Deep, Loung- and some Latin House to uplift the night and is making his name more known around town.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 27 december 2019: Bad Habits, Now & Wow, Rotterdam
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