Dogus Cabakcor (foto)
NaamDogus Çabakçor
Genresdeephouse, progressive, trance
Recognized by widespread music lovers, Dogus Cabakcor keeps Istanbul's elite dancing all night long. The stylist DJ's positive energy and eclectic mixes make him one of the most coveted DJs in the country. Along with all the Turkish hotpspots, Dogus has played in Miami and across Europe
Dogus expresses his emotions through his music, and his sets are based on those of; happiness, love, sadness, melancholy, anger, rage, old and new'
His listeners are drawn into a realm of innovation with exciting concepts underlying each distinct color he explores.
'Colors of The Universe' is his first release which was inspired by the idea that short words can carry deep meaning, which is why his sets are named by different colors...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 17 oktober 2012: Young Gunz ADE Special, Home, Amsterdam
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