Olivier Boogie (foto)
NaamOlivier Tuinier
Genresboogie, disco, house
Olivier is a producer from Amsterdam. A long time ago he started scratching, but he sucked so he began Djing. Legendary Amsterdam dj's like Rednose Distrikt and KC The Funkaholic crew introduced him to house music and Olivier became Oliver Boogie.

He won a place at the Red Bull Music Academy, released a slew of records on Rush Hour, Beat Dimentions and Up My Alley a.o, played shows around the world, had one of his tracks edited by Laurent Garnier and has enjoyed residencies at every club in Amsterdam that has a half decent or adventurous music policy.

In 2012 he stepped back into the producing game with a release for Lumberjacks in Hell - Dance Band / Rolling Stone – that was featured in Joey Negro's 2012 chart.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 7 september 2018: A Friendly Affair, BRET, Amsterdam
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