Morris de Graaff (foto)
NaamMorris de Graaff
Genresdeephouse, techno
An up-and-coming dj on the Amsterdam dance scene.

From an early age it was clear that music would play an important part in Morris's life. While still at elementary school he would compile CDs of songs he liked and was often put in charge of the music at friends' birthday parties.
He also learnt to play electric guitar, and even played in a couple of bands.
After 5 years he abandoned the guitar to do something different.

Aged 14 he discovered electronic dance music, and he was hooked from day one.
Day in day out he searched for new tracks.
A couple of years later he realised he wanted to share his passion for music with others. Becoming a dj was the most natural route for him to realise this.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 19 maart 2016: Onbezonnen, P60, Amstelveen
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