Digital Jezus (foto)
NaamWilles Konings
Genresdubstep, techno
Started making music at the age of 12 in a land far, far away where the land is flat and the dj's are the beste of the world.
With the first musical preference of hardcore and techno most of the songs are with a hardcore influence.

Those preferences shifted wildly to rock and metal and there were the first dj'ing attempts.
At the same time the drum&bass and industrial music came in too light and fader mixing them with the metal.

From that time on i had started bilding a PA system from en simple 2 speaker system till now with a stereo 3 way system with a digital dj congifuration.

And because no one can ever be finished with music i'm trying to make music agian and improve in dj'ing and the quality of my PA system.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 januari 2015: Kill The DJ, De Heksenketel, Roosendaal
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