Collie Buddz (foto)
NaamColin Harper
Functielive act, rapper
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Light It Up, the new record from artist Collie Buddz, is momentous, gigantic and booming! It's immediately undeniable an awe-struck song complete with an unforgettable sing-along hook, the kind of beats that pound in the chest and a vocal performance that's as uncommon as it is infectious.

A hit record is probably the only thing that makes Salaam Remi pause his day. Remi, most known as one of the top-selling music producers in the world [Fugees, Usher, Fergie, and Amy Winehouse] and Executive Vice-President at Sony Music knows an irrefutable song when he hears it. After discovering Light It Up, Remi made an offer to Collie Buddz to join his label imprint Louder Than Life, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.
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