NaamYael Mayor & Menno M.
FunctieDJ, groep
The two young boys from The Netherlands, Yael and Menno also known as ''Dutch Primez formerly known as Guys From Mars'' have been together since 2011.
DJ and Producer Yael Mayor (Born and bred in Amsterdam), started his career at the age of 15. His older brother inspired Yael to produce his own music.
With a lot of love for different kinds of music he's started producing Hip-hop and try other kinds of music.
After a few years he switched to the house scene.
After a short one week during DJ course on school, he learned mixing from different dj's. There he met Menno.
After 2 years they decide to be a DJ couple named Guys From Mars.
With a lot of passion for music, The Dutch Primez start making remixes and bootlegs from popular tracks...
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