Markus Scholz (foto)
NaamMarkus Scholz
Genresdeephouse, electro, house, techhouse, techno
Inspired by Sven Väth, Markus Scholz' interest in electronic sounds started at the tender age of 14, and soon after that, he listen to the legendary radio "Clubnight" in Frankfurt for the first time.
He was so fascinated by the music that he started to spin himself and developed a unique style.
Several years and many parties later, he opend with his friend the house club "Klangbar".
Since then, his career rose quickly through the ranks and soon, he was playing at the main room of the "U60311" and several other Clubs in Germany.
2009 Markus became resident DJ at the "U60311" club in Frankfurt.
At that time, he was already a guarantor for ambitious music beyond the mainstream.
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 31 december 2014: 35 hours out of space, Freiheit 2112, Frankfurt am Main
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