NaamChris, Tom & Ian
Functie3 × DJ, groep
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Formed from the death of a Brighton band, Millions Like Us are a trio of like-minded musicians writing electronic dance music that fuses captivating melodies with heavy dance floor bass lines.

All hailing from live music backgrounds, Tom, Ian and Chris decided to put down their instruments and lock themselves in a studio. Their first song "Put Your Shoes On" was sent to the BBC and within 24 hours had made 1xtra's 'Unsigned Track of the Week' on DJ Target's 100% Homegrown show. This led to daytime airplay across various shows on BBC Radio 1 and a live interview with Jo Wiley.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 23 maart 2013: Rampage, Lotto arena, Antwerpen
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