Dicke Junge (foto)
NaamCees van Balen
FunctieDJ, producer
AliassenCees van Balen, Poltergeist, T-jump enforcer
Genreselectro, techno
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Dicke Junge, the name was spawn during a phat rave party in 2008. It literally means phat boy in german, why? The junge isn't that phat at all... No it's because the music that Dicke Junge plays is just plain phat! It will gently rape your ears and put your feet into energetic and rhythmic movement. That's what makes him a Dicke Junge.

Since 2008 Dicke Junge guarantees serious energetic sets with futuristic techno combined with electro with standstill as no option. As founder of his own club nights called Threshold he made many persons acquainted with the innovative genre.

Dicke Junge already shared stages with artists like: Joost van Bellen, Boemklatsch, Henzel & Disco Nova, Cursed P, Brutuzz, Kristof, Ado, the Eleven and more.
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Party agenda Dicke Junge
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 11 april 2014: Threshold, P79, 's-Hertogenbosch
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