Silva Vieira (foto)
NaamMarco Silva Vieira
Genreshouse, techhouse
partyflock Silva Vieira (27 feb 2014)
DJ Silva Vieira is already 5 years active in the DJ scene. He runs no commercial music, because he feels that it is not genuine. Silva Vieira has its own and unique sound what stands out from the rest. With its tough house tunes and his incredible house climaxes, he knows time and time again to amaze the public. This dj would not be seen as one of the many latin DJ's (of his name), but as a dj who hear adult house sounds. In his carieëre he has a lot.

Silva Vieira has the last summer on 3 festivals, City of Dance xxl, D-dae festival and Beach tree brouwersdam. The biggest highlight was when he was allowed to run at large on beach tree names such as: Quintino, shermanology and Funkerman, Billy The kit.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 september 2017: NDJK 2017, Het Streeperkruis, Landgraaf
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