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NaamSebastian Schilde
Since his Rework of Wamdue Project's famous "King Of My Castle", Bastian Van Shield became a well known talented DJ and Producer. This release has been stuck in the Top 10 of Beatport House Charts for several weeks and also in many other important Dj rankings. But even before that, Bastian had been quite busy in the house scene. Singles like "Cantina" with famous Spencer & Hill, "Billie Was Here", "Mundo Samba," "Acid Rocka" and "Yves Was Here" made him an important artist on the label Bazooka Records and secured him several Beatport chart entries. Lots of big artists like Spencer & Hill, Fragma, Peter Gelderblom, The Cube Guys & JayDee requested him as a remixer and supported him in their playlists...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 augustus 2012: MTV Mobile Beats, Delta Musik Park, Essen
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