Innsearch (foto)
NaamDouwe Ykema
Functielive act, DJ
AliassenDouwe Ykema, Freak-y, Hippe Doodo
Genresdeephouse, house, techno
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Douwe Ykema is a DJ/producer: !nnsearch. This DJ name refers to his never ending search for renewals in and outside the music!
As a young wild boy, there was no bridge too far in discovering everything, and so the music. He asked himself when he was young: is music infinite? It is! Operating the treble and the bass buttons was something he did when he was a kid, on music of the Dire Straits etc. Also the kitchen cabinets from his mother were not safe, as a boy he sat there drumming on the pots and pans. Later in his life he began with drumming and the first touch as artist and music was born...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 22 juni 2012: Brain Wave Sounds, Klup, Groningen
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