NaamFederica Parente
Singer, song writer, actress and dubber, Flora started her career as vocalist when she was 14, in the south of Italy. Grown up in a clubbing environment, she had the possibility to appreciate the evolution of electronic music and techno influence in the last 10 years, also thank to the neighborly of popular and passionate artists of this field.
This made her to feel the desire of producing her own music and get inspired every day from every visual.auditory experience.
The approach to experimental music turned out from Flora's first loves, jazz music, blues rhythm and 20's or 60's voices, and eventually oriental chants mixed up with the intense beat of dub and techno grooves or electronic sounds...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 5 juli 2013: All We Want Festival, Kloster Graefenthal, Goch
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