foto Misja Xampl
NaamMisja Wielings
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepXampl
Genreshouse, progressive trance, techno, trance
partyflock Misja Xampl (12 okt 2020)
partyflock DJ Misja (Xampl) (18 mrt 2012)


Misja is one of the more talented DJ/ Producer's the Dutch House scene has ever known! Born in Amsterdam in the year 1971 Misja started collecting records in 1989 as a hobby, and after that the dj-ing started! In 1990 Misja became resident dj at the infamous club"IT" on Fridays and Saturdays, and got himself a regular quest spot at Roxy's hard Wednesday events by Steve Malenka.

In the mid 90's he won 2 awards for best dj in England and Amsterdam and soon after that started focusing on producing. His first track, "The Journey" on Orange Records, was released in 1996 and later remixed with Dj JP and eventually licenced for the opening track of the "Pacha cd/ Ibiza , and "La Rocca/ Belgium.

Uitgaansagenda Misja Xampl

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 4 januari 2020: First Saturday of 2020, Club NL, Amsterdam