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NaamJeroen Slutter
partyflock H1jack (3 jan 2014)
H1jack is an eclectic artist who fits to the audience by playing the right music at the right event together with a live element called the talkbox.

Jeroen Slutter, also known as H1jack, is a dj, producer and a musician. He grew up in a small place called Ulft and from primary school he has been addicted to music in a lot of ways ever since. From soul to house and from hiphop to club. From playing the piano and the guitar to playing in bands. From dj'ing to discovering everything that music in general has to offer. After studying piano at the Enschede Conservatory he went to Amsterdam where he now studies and explores the world of media, marketing and communication. At that point he also started as H1jack.

Behind the wheels he plays the eclectic, urban and house related tracks and classics. From Michael Jackson's finest and from Calvin Harris' electronic sounds to mr. '99 problems' Jay-Z. Just to name some true crowd-rocking heroes and danceable styles.

H1jack plays on a weekly base. To name a few: every month he hosts his own Clubnight eclectic party. Furthermore he has played at Club 22-24, Yumm Yumm party and Festivaart outdoor festival. He also did support acts for Don Diablo, Vato Gonzalez, Partysquad and 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. He played at Club Loft Arnhem, did a set at Club Barkode Amsterdam. Furthermore he is is just dj'ing from Doetinchem and Lichtenvoorde to Haarlem and Delft. This, together with a vocalist and a live synth or talkbox whenever the gig is suitable.

So get your dancing shoes together when this flying dutchman is H1jacking your party!
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