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At the age of 15 I bought my first second hand cd player and a 2 channel mixer, I connected the speakers of my computer and the passion for music was born !

At that time I became a member of the DJ team of the local youth café and I got the chance to prove myself behind the decks !
So they asked me to play on the local parties and I must say it was so pleasant to entertain the people that my passion for music grew and I bought my first turntables !
So now I had the turntables but no records. The search has began, but at that time a felt that my preference for music went to house and everything what goes around, such as deep & tech house, retro, disco ...
Every song with a good vocal and nice tune went in the playlist ...
Many broken needles, mixers and speakers later, I was ready to show the people what I am able to. I start posting my sets on different pages & dj contests.
In August 2011 I was selected to play on the 'in search of talent' at Riva. Where they searched new residents. And above my expectations I was selected in December 2011 to be part of the Resident Dj team @ LaSalle!! ( First floor Riva ).
At the same time I won the contest at La Gomera. So I had 2 residencies at once !!

Meanwhile i'm working in studio to create my own sound & mixing the Heaven House live sets!

Big thanks to everyone who believed and supported me !!
... Expect the most sexy house music from the scene
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