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Genresdarkcore, early hardcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, oldschool, terror
partyflock Mabrook PSKT (20 jan 2013)


# When and how did you get to play hardcore music?

I had my first Thunderdome's cd at 12, since this time I heard lot of styles of electronic music but my preference was and will stay for the hard music...
I start to go in Toulouse' Raves since 14 or 15 and I start to play this kind of music on hardwares and softwares at the same time... I always loved the art of mix but I took lot of times before to go on with this...

# What were your influences? (Artists, tracks ...)

Artists who mark me all this years and who will stay masters for me are Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Nasenbluten, Neophyte, Angerfist and more... But I was really marked by DJ's from THC (Tuluz Hard Core) crew with a french sound really hard like Matt Fraktal, Mouse, Thanos and many more...

# What are your plans in the hardcore music for the time to come?

Of course to have pleasure throught the time by playing this music and to make people dance!!! Many projects are on their way with PSKT crew and also in productions...But anyway, you'll see in time...

# A little word for hardcore junkies?

Continue to move like you do and open your mind to all the aspect of this rich music and to all the activists (pro or not!!!)

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Mabrook PSKT
fuckin hard inside!!!!

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Thanks mate!!! hope to play with you also!!!! let's go to rock it!!! ;)