Dohr & Mangold (foto)
NaamJuergen Dohr & Jens Mangold
FunctieDJ, groep
Mangold, Jens Mangold
Genreshouse, progressive
Two Musicians. One Passion.

Since the inception of electronic music, Germany has proven to be a major player, producing some of the biggest name DJ's and producers to date. Now at the forefront, comes Two Musicians set to ensure that Germany's reputation as a dominant force, remains set in stone.

These Two like-minded individuals or electronic visionary's, as Juergen Dohr and Jens Mangold have been called, have come together to share their passion, and that passion for music is now known as….DOHR & MANGOLD.

It was a consequential creation and a need – born out of a good friendship – that first brought Juergen Dohr and Jens Mangold together in 2008 to produce, resulting in a unique functional club sound, that is now being respected worldwide.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 11 september 2015: Magneet Festival, Oostpunt, Amsterdam
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