Flowjob (foto)
NaamJoakim Hjørne
Flowjob was formed in 2001 by Joakim Hjørne & Mads Tinggaard. After a several initial releases on Iboga, the duo crafted their own unique morning sound that resulted in releases on Tribal Vision, Flow, Plastic Park etc.. Shortly after, their debut album "Support Normality" Flowjob began touring the international trance circuit, playing around the world in countries like, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brasil,Israel, Usa Canada and most countries in europe at festivals such as, Fusion, Glade, Maitreya, Full Moon, Midnight Sun, & Universo Parallello, and many others.. "Zentertainment" their 2nd album was released in 2008, with a more upbeat vibe.. Tracks like "Tomorrow Returns" and "Don't believe in Mirrors" quickly became dancefloor hits...
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