NaamSeb Skalski
Genresdeephouse, disco, dub, funk, house, jazz, reggae, soulful house
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Dj & Producer remixer, and composer from Warsaw,Poland .
Student of Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin 2000, first International edition .
Official Artist from renowned Swiss label Purple Music.
Over 14 years on music and club scene, Spinnin' Records on biggest parties and clubs in Poland and internationally.

Recognised as international artist after signed original Projects and remixes for labels like M.o.D, Look@You, Playmore ,Salted Music and finally Jamie's Lewis - Purple Music exclusively.
Released remixes for artist's like Miguel Migs, Dj Meme, Alfred Azzetto, Lisa Millet, Lady Alma, Down Tallman and manny manny more.
Seb has collect Gold Plate, and prestige price "Fryderyk", for his polish retro project "Caffe Fogg".
His track "Work iT " feat. Alec Sun Drae was arrive in Finals of world Defected producer contest.

In 2010 run his own independent label SpekuLLa Records, to release original projects in cooperation whit artist from around the Globe.

His tracks and remixes also appearing on other Labels and compilations like Hed Kandi, Diamondhouse, Taste the Music, Random Soul Recordings, Solid Groud Recordings, Rule5, Raisani Dubai, Adaptation Music, Clubstar and more ...

Latest original tracks in co operation whit studio partner Masta P and big vocalist like Michelle Weeks, L.T Brown, Donald Sheffey or
Donna Hidalgo are supported by manny International Dj's and producers, Radio Stations and Shows ,and showing top level and skills of rising talent in todays House music market .
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 oktober 2018: Purple Music Night, Madam, Amsterdam
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