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Israel Toledo is one of the most mexican exported techno djs and producers, in 2004 he produced the remix "Quetzalcoatl" for Corvin Dalek at Mark Reeder's German label MFS-FLESH, the same year the remix was edited on the Love Parade's compilation on the mexican edition and Poland for LIFE Magazine.

That year Israel Toledo's track/ep called "Edge of Empire" was released at the Dutch Techno label Klirfactor/Highland Beats featured on the b-sides with Jorg Henze and Lars Klein.

On 2005 Israel Toledo edited again on a German label, this time was on MASTERS OF DISASTER(013), a very known techno label with his track called "Mexico City".

He starts his own label called "Assassin Soldier Recordings" and become the first mexican techno label on vinyl, the first release called "Allies Coallition EP"

He was the host in his radio show called "Naranja Electronica" at the mexican bigest radio company called EXA F.M 104.1 fm in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, every friday nights.

He has been played at bigest festivals such as Love Parade Mexico and Mayday Mexico, Europe, USA and Venezuela turning up the dance floor.
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