Tom Flynn (foto)
NaamTom Flynn
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genreselectronica, house, techno
Tom Flynn's passion for electronic music can be traced back to an early age. From collecting music since the age of 12, to the subliminal influences of his parents' record collection, he has steadily been building his musical knowledge for some time.

Having been awarded 'Best Break Through Producer' and several 'Essential New Tune' accolades by Pete Tong, it's clear the dance fraternity has taken note of his ability to capture dance floor moments and serve them up in an unquestionable fashion.

Tom's studio prowess has seen him write records with people like Pete Tong, Steve Lawler and Roger Sanchez, as well as releasing tracks on the worlds leading labels like Hot Creations, Viva Music and Dirtybird.
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