Cassette (foto)
NaamCassandra Pitman
Genres80s, acid, disco, techno
Groovy rolling basslines, deep melodic techno, minimal, acid, disco and 90s house can all be heard in Cassette's sets and productions.

Not one to be pigeon holed, or limited by others perceptions, Cassette draws influences from many genres.
Early attendance at raves listening to Drum n Bass, Garage, house and techno, combined with her childhood exposure to Latin, Soul, Blues, Disco and Hip Hop have all contributed towards her evolution into the dynamic house and techno queen she is today.

Whether it be house, techno or minimal there is a certain groove to her musical choices that is evident in all her sets and productions.
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Party agenda Cassette
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 12 juli 2013: Ultra music festival Europa 2013, Poljud, Split
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