Rass Motivated (foto)
NaamSherandell Maynard
Functielive act, 5 × DJ, MC
AliasRass King
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Rass Motivated, no stranger in the Dutch reggae scene, is the musical alter ego of 23yr old Rotterdam singer, Sherandell Maynard.

With his 'Reggae for All People' state of mind this young talent has proven to be a worthy name in the line of Dutch reggaeartists.

On September 11th of 2011, released his first EP, ''First Light'' to a full house of music lovers. This EP got raving reviews, sold out in no time and has since become a true collectors item. Rass Motivated doesn't shy away from any topic and confronts the listener ''head on''.
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Party agenda Rass Motivated
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 juli 2016: Hoelahoep, WORM, Rotterdam

Party agenda Rass King (alias)
eergisteren: De Danshal1 PartyflockBIRD, Rotterdam
DDK, Mixturess, One Trick Pony, Rass King, Shug la Sheedah, The Heatwave (nog niet compleet)
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