NaamSteven van Hulle & Tom
Functielive act, groep
Awanto3, Steven van Hulle
Do you know how it feels when you're under the impression that some People always Turn up everywhere you go, that they always seem to be in the same social circles as you? But at the same time you've never really had the chance to sit down and really get to know each other. Well, this was Case for Steven de Peven (also known as Awanto3) and Tom Trago – now the duo Alfabet – for a long time.

They first bumped into each other when Tom had just started DJ-ing, and he found himself intrigued by Steven de Peven and his Rednose District Project.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 1 september 2013: Lockdown Festival 2013, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam
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