Sutura (foto)
NaamBurhan Kurtcu
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshardtechno, techno
Hard, harder... Sutura! Burhan Kurtcu is a german guy with turkish roots, born in Heilbronn, is also known as SUTURA. As he was 10 years old he was already fascinated by electronic music. _The scene in this time was dominated by Electro and Breakbeat. 1995 he saw Miss Djax in a club called "alte Giesserei" and he was infected by Techno music!! Through his passion for the music and a friend he started deejaying himself. First time standing behind the decks, he felt the magic of the crowd and gave him energy for the future! Half of his money earned by playing, was invested in vinyls. 2000 he was booked at the legendary "Titty Twister"... and after this performance he played numerous times in several clubs in Heilbronn...
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Beide dagen onze afsluiter op N1 2011. Wat een geweldenaar!! :respect: