Haze (foto)
NaamBen Hayes
Genreshappy hardcore, UK hardcore
Ben Hayes started DJing in 1997, producing in early 2003 and has had the opportunity to play at parties such as Utopia, Godspeed, Bass Control, Subcore, Prophecy, Masif Hardcore, Fantasia, Hardwars, Hyperspeed, Adventjah (QLD), Transmission and Helter Skelter.

Haze is the owner and label manager of Executive Records, Executive Digital, Recycled Records and Recycled Digital. He uses these outlets to push his productions, and the productions of other Australian artists around the world.

Each label has seen remixes from international producers such as Impact, Resist, Joey Riot, Fracus, Oli G, Sc@r, Uplift, Darren Hotchkiss and Australia's very own DJ Weaver & S3RL.

Haze's early beginnings started with Breakbeat and Drum & Bass. His early musical influences are still reflected today in his hardcore tracks. Originally a lover of all styles of techno, Haze concentrates on Australian and UK Hardcore and strives to push the label in every way possible.
Renowned for his scratching abilities and tight mixing his 13 year DJ career has given him the experience to deliver a mind blowing set each time.

Haze has played at every major dance party in Sydney, interstate in Adelaide, Queensland, Perth and Canberra and overseas in Christchurch, New Zealand along side DJ Weaver.

Be prepared for an energetic hardcore set that Haze is renowned for with plenty of new Australian and UK Hardcore tracks fresh from the studios!
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 24 juli 2015: OneSeventy vs Hardcore Masif, Space, Sydney
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