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NaamSteffie Ditzel
Functielive act, DJ
Lid van groepenDobble & Stiften
Genresdeephouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
partyflock steffiie (16 mei 2014)
I could have never imagined that something as personal as my music would be able to make people dance. Music is my way of expression, my way of clearing my thoughts and my way of giving in to my emotions. The fact that something that personal can inspire others touches and affects me.'

That pretty much sums it up for Utrecht-based producer / live act Steffie Ditzel. What started out as a means of time killing grew into a pleasing way of pleasing others. Feeling perfectly comfortable at the stage and inviting all attendees to join in with her characteristic smile, Steffie Ditzel takes you on a trip evolving around her personal experiences and emotions.

Discovering what motivated Steffie Ditzel to get in touch with making electronic music in 2009 forces one to focus on her past. Steffie describes growing up in the rural parts of the Netherlands as one of the most important incentives for getting in touch with making music. With an abundance of time whilst growing up in a small vilage, Steffie started exploring means of broadening her world: 'when I was about eleven years of age, I started recording the infamous Radio538 Dance Department shows that aired every saturday. Staying up all night to listen to those sounds that appealed to me and playing them out loud over and over until my father unplugged my electricity was my first little get toghether with electronic music.' The love sure didn't end there.

Remembering the freedom she felt back then and realising, years later, that she wanted more than just the simple things rural life had to offer, Steffie Ditzel dicovered making music as a means of escaping that world: 'I found myself being able to not only escape my world, but actually expand it aswell. Music currently serves various purposes, but essentially it's my way of unwinding and I couldn't function without it. That point in time, that realisation, is very important to me and who I am now as a producer. I discovered that music is the best way of expressing for me and I started exploiting that discovery.'

Moving to the city of Utrecht opened up a world of possibilities and a world of possible stages to let her music be heared: Steffie started playing at parties like Kranck and even the local biggest club, Club Poema and showed people her mirth-filled world while serving it with a topping of drive that characterises her sound. 'Let's be honest: joy is the happiest and best emotion there is around. That emotion needs a little extra exposure every once is a while'.

2012 has been a big year for Steffie Ditzel. She describes playing at the silent disco of have a nice day festival as one of her musical hightlights, but she was also granted the honour of opening up Club Poema's 8 year anniversary night before two of the biggest names around in the techno scene: Cari Lekebusch and Speedy J. 'Music is more and more becoming a way of gaining total freedom and expanding my personal views on life. Finding like-minded people, evolving as a person, setting my rules for my direct environment... I truely feel freed by my music'.

Modest and motivated to make the most out of every gig. Always working to stir her crowd. Down to earth and always following the path she set out for herself. Steffie Ditzel is a fine example of how far the motto 'Work hard, play hard' can bring a person.
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Stelde helemaal niet teleur in de Poema vnvnd! Waardige opener voor Cari & Jochem! O:)