Romy Romualdo (foto)
NaamRomy Romualdo
Genreselectro, funk, house, minimal, progressive, techhouse, techno
Born in Breda (The Netherlands), Romy Romualdo comes from a large musical family that tracks back to the Cape Verde Islands.

At a young age, moving back to his Cape Verdean "roots" helped him to develop his feeling and knowlegde of the emotionally genres of the Cape Verdean traditional music and his passion for electronic music.

After being back in the Netherlands, Romy Romualdo quickly started spinning sounds in his own Charismatic musical style in clubs such as Off Corso (NL), The Thalia Lounge (NL), Catwalk (NL), Bootleg DJ Café (NL), Manhattan (NL) and more.

On international grounds he's been active at places such as Shoko Barcelona (ES) and CDLC Barcelona (ES), Winter Music Conference Miami (US), TGB (PT), Tech Wave in Bulgaria.
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