NaamKevin Zijtveld & Tim Zwitselaar
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresafro, eclectic, house
partyflock fabolosoo (30 mei 2015)
Milk 'n Chocolate are two very talented and house producers. Their production style consists out of progressive with a latin feel.
Two years ago they participated in a demo duel hosted by Dutch radio station ''Radio538'' in which they went all the way to the final.
In the past couple of years they have been extensively busy with producing their own tracks and remixing tracks from other artists who are mainly on ''Thermic Records''.
By remixing tracks and producing their very own tracks they have gained a big success rate in the house scene of today. Two of their tracks were in the top 10
of the '''' charts.
Due to the success on the charts of ''Dance-Tunes...
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