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'Losing it at night – black and blue in the morning" –that's the mission statement of Berlin techno duo DUMME JUNGS aka David Bwoooi and Senior Carlos.
Typical DUMME JUNGS, the stupid kids at the back of the class, the ones your mother didn't want you going anywhere near.

But as is so often the case, if the grown-ups think it's bad for you – your mates are going to love it that much more. So it's no surprise that DUMME JUNGS have made so many new friends so quickly. Collaborations with and remixes for the likes of Steve Aoki, LMFAO & Lil' Jon, Noize Generation, Disco Trash Music, Jan Delay, Kool Savas, Zpyz, F.O.O.L. and Sick Boy came thick and fast.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 25 oktober 2014: Pressure Festival, Alte Lederfabrik, Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis
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