NaamAdilson Mota, Antonio Jozef Almeida & ...
FunctieDJ, groep
Opgerichtjanuari 2009
Me, Antonio Jozef Almeida
Mootz Motafied, Adilson Mota
Mootz Wanted, Adilson Mota
HerkomstNederland Portugal
Genreseclectic, house, latin, urban
When Key-J switched from artist/producer to producer, Motafied Beatz was born in January 2009. Meanwhile, Mootz was stepping his game up as an Capeverdean/Eclectic DJ. Together with DJ Elmer Lopes, they we're the first DJ's to promote the Motafied exclusive tracks. Within six months Motafied Beatz became one of the most wanted sounds in Holland growing international. Key-J and Mota were busy planning Mota's comeback as a house DJ to be different from any other DJ. The solution was the Motafied sound and a very own MC, without hesitation they knew the right man would be Tony Almeida now known as MC Me.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 21 augustus 2016: LatinVillage Festival, Spaarnwoude, Spaarnwoude
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