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NaamGary Oduro
Genreship hop, urban


Gary Black also know as Gary Oduro Is a 26 year old Master of Ceremonies born in Belgium. At a young age his parents moved to Amsterdam and that's where his adventure started.

Growing up in a time where you could find kids break dancing and having battles with each other for honor on the playgrounds Gary knew that music was 'the thing' he had to get himself involved with.

Going to the secondary school Gary met Norry(Norman Calmus) who later became his companion in starting up a music group called Woordvoerders, That was later enforced by Ruba and Toine. Together they produced Dutch rap music, performed it and vested themselves with video clips viewed over the 700.000 times.

During this period Gary was also developing his skills as an MC by touring with the dj's Henry X and Dr.Ray. Together they rocked several Urban and house events across the country. Before Gary started touring with the dj's they where well known in the neighborhood for playing great sets of African hip-life and high life blended in with dancehall, R n B, hip hop and house. They did so well that they grew to became the resident dj's of one of the first african clubs in Holland. Gary joined in and after several shows with the dj's Gary made it as a resident mc's in the scene. After rocking the stage almost every weekend for more than 3 years and making mix tapes and getting there self's known among the people in Amsterdam they decided it was time to do it bigger & better. In 2011 they founded Afrodance. An event that now reaches over 2000 people and attracts international African superstars such as Wizkid, R2bees and more.

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