Z-Aires (foto)
Lid van groepMayapur Soundsystem
Genresacid, acidtechno, breakbeat, electro, hip hop, house, jungle, lounge, techno, tekno
Z-Aires is a DJ from The Czech Republic.
He has been djing over 17 years and is also the founder of legendary sound system Mayapur.
From the 90s he began to play CDs at his local disco, soon after this hebought his first record decks and started to mix from vinyl.
He is also one of the first organizers/founders of the free party scene in The Czech republic.
Z-Aires is a real pioneer of djing from vinyls.
He has been in the birth and development of the underground music scene at Czechoslovakia now Czech republic.
In 1997 he started co-operating with Cirkus Alien sound sytem and Technical Support crew from United Kingdom, members of this crew lived in Prague.
They started organized together legendary parties at Prague farm house Cibulka...
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 24 februari 2015: Vinylife it's all about vinyl!, Cross Club, Praag
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