Laserkraft 3D (foto)
NaamNiels Reinhard & Tim Hoffman
FunctieDJ, producer, live act
Genreselectro, techhouse, techno
After being banned from their home planet, their space shuttle finally striked on our earth:
Laserkraft 3D combine their original backgrounds from the Rock- and DJ-scene with full energy into abnormal lasertechno, which drives the audience with unruly thrust both into dirty tech-house-underground and obscene electro-rave orbits.
Therefore they pull out all the stops with sound generators of superior technology, three times as many controls as necessary and illuminating the power of their polyphonic vocal cords. And because the earth citizens can celebrate so beautifully wild, Laserkraft 3D have not taken their space suits on the way to the stage off...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 8 november 2013: Electric City, Circus Maximus, Koblenz
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