Dusty (foto)
Genresbreakbeat, funk, hip hop, latin, soulful house
Dusty, labelhead of Jazz&MIlk, proves that an artist need not simply commit himself to a genre or two but ups the ante considerably by featuring a broad spectrum of musical styles, bringing together his favourite leanings such as Jazz, Funk, Soul, Afrobeat, Latin, percussive Beats and Deep House rhythms, while seeking a natural balance between accoustic, electronic and traditional sounds through the prism of a club-music oriented approach.
The Munich-based label, and its associated clubnight "Jazz&Milk', have been a city fixture for the past seven years and represent an integral component of German club culture, having hosted international luminaries such as Mr. Scruff, Quantic, Sofrito Soundsystem, Lefto, Simbad and many others...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 27 oktober 2012: Funky Fresh exclusive 6th edition !, Naxtstage, Almelo
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