Miro Pajic (foto)
NaamMiroslav Pajic
Functielive act
AliassenThe Kotzaak Klan, Miro, Steve Shit, Stickhead
Genrestechhouse, techno
SiteSite miropajic.com
Growing up in Frankfurt, Miro Pajic has been influenced by Techno House music since 1991 via the legendary club Omen and it's master, Sven Vaeth.

Starting from 1993 he got sucked into the universe of Planet Core Productions, which were one of Frankfurt's early adopters and creative heads of Techno and makers of the famous "Frankfurt Trax" Series. After many productive and successful years with dozens of vinyl releases with PCP during the nineties, Miro realized that the whole thing went a certain direction and he sledded away from what he once loved so much: House and Techno music.
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