NaamMark van de Maat
AliassenAsh Fork, Marcuse
Lid van groepenKnekelhuis & Volition Immanent
Genresafro, disco, eclectic, electro, funk, house, jazz, punk, rock, soulful house, techno
Ook herkend als
  • Mark Knekelhuis
For a long time Mark has been passionately exploring music. From his early teens on he was actively involved in underground hardcore punk where he played in several bands like Cathode and How the Gods Kill. After years of organizing punk rock shows, doing bookings and tours and playing in about every filthy hole and weird place you can imagine he ended up at a house party somewhere in the Brazilian jungle. An eye-opening moment that made him realize there was much more in life than just angry music.
From then on he started to explore the infinite world of musical differences, this time with an open mind.
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