foto Hatiras
NaamGeorge Hatiras
Genresdisco, electro, house, techhouse, techno


Part alien. Part human. Hatiras arrived back in 1999 and has been subconsciously penetrating the worlds ears, hearts and dance-floors with his pulsating, intergalactic house rhythms. He's the owner of forward thinking and proudly underground Hatrax Records and the classic imprint Blow Media. Thanks to you, he's been graced with too many top ten hits to count and the awards and international touring to back it.

His initial foray into the electronic music scene was as a promoter in the mid 90s. His Liquid Adrenaline parties shaped the oncoming rave revolution in North America. With average attendances of 5,000 per show and a peak at 10,000, Hatiras made a huge mark in the scene before he developed into the artist he is known as today.